Dizzy Doe’s products are healthy, natural, and hand made, including the finest natural goat milk skincare!

Dizzy Doe’s makes all kinds of high quality goat milk and natural skin-care and cosmetic products

Goats inspire all kinds of ridiculous ideas, and some of those ideas make it onto wearables for our customers

Dizzy Doe’s is located on the premises of The Lost Pearl Bed & Breakfast, a luxury country Inn 

Take a look at all of Dizzy Does tasty treat options.

Dizzy Does gifts to share with your loved ones who love goats.

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The farm life inspires us, and we hope it makes you smile. 


Of course, our staff consists of several adorable residents here at Dizzy Doe’s. We only raise Nigerian Dwarf goats that are roughly as big as a medium sized dog. They have a sweet and sometimes mischievous disposition, and will do anything for food. We generally have new goats born each year, but these are some of our “essential workers”!


Gracie is the Matriarch of the family here, keeping everyone in line. While she seems stern, she might be the one seeking your approval more than anyone!



Joy was the first goat in our herd and perhaps the favorite.  We’ve had a delightful blessing of seven kids born on the farm this past year. We keep them busy year around making everyone here smile — we hope they do so for you too!



Cookie was born here at Dizzy Doe’s Goat Ranch. She is one of the most gentle goats, and loves to lend a hand!

Our all natural Dizzy Doe’s Goat Milk Soap!

This soap is a great way to stay fresh and healthy! With plenty of options to choose from you can always find that perfect scent!

“Goat Joy?”

Dizzy Doe's started with two little goats who came to stay with us and made our little place, well, a farm :-). They kick up dust, love attention, and will eat anything they can get their little hooves on. After a while of experiencing the joy of our little goats, we thought that they ought to be able to do something more than be cute. And, lo and behold, goat milk soaps, lotions, fudges, cheeses, and all kinds of cute apparel ideas were born on Dizzy Doe's Goat Ranch.


Dizzy Doe's Goat Ranch
The Lost Pearl B&B
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