About Us

Goats inspire all kinds of ridiculous ideas, and some of those ideas make it onto wearables for our customers

Our goats love visitors, but when they aren’t saying hello, they are busy making goat milk products for you!

Dizzy Doe’s is a small goat ranch in NE Ohio on the grounds of a beautiful bed and breakfast inn (www.TheLostPearl.com) in the Grand River Valley, one of the most fertile regions of vineyards in the nation.

Our goats love visitors, but when they aren’t saying hello (and frolicking, and eating, and snuggling, and eating) , they are busy making goat milk products for you! Okay, they don’tactually make our specialties, but they do contribute to the effort. All of Dizzy Doe’s products are healthy and natural, hand made with the highest quality ingredients. We are sure you will be pleased.

And beyond making delightful body and skin care products, our goats and ducks provide us with joy that inspires all kinds of cleaver ideas that become fun and useful ‘goat-wear’ t-shirts and other fun products. So do enjoy our pages, and our products, and if you are ever going to be in the area, give us a ring and schedule a time to come and visit.

Our Company

Dizzy Doe’s started with two little goats who came to stay with us and made our little place, well, a farm :-). They kick up dust, love attention, and will eat anything they can get their little hooves on. After a while of experiencing the joy of our little goats, we thought that they ought to be able to do something more than be cute. And, lo and behold, goat milk soaps, lotions, fudges, cheeses, and all kinds of cute apparel ideas were born on Dizzy Doe’s Goat Ranch.

Our Team

Sandra & Daniel started with two pet goats, and decided to put those lazy things to work! Since then, Dizzy Doe’s has created all kinds of wonderful, natural, and beautiful products for you! If there is anything beautiful here, it was created by Sandra’s aesthetic genius. And if anything was built, Daniel probably had something to do with that :-).  We’d love to meet you sometime, so schedule a time to stop out and say hi!








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