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The Great Goat Wars Game!


Mission – Impossible???

Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to herd 20 goats into your pen with as little collateral damage as possible. Of course, you will be facing a variety of barnyard obstacles and threats from your opponents.

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Goat Wars Game

The Great Goat Wars is a fast moving, fun table top game played with Dizzy Doe’s ‘goat cards’.

Each goat card features a different variety of goat along with fun facts about the breed. Of course, with any responsibility comes risk, so you’ll need to watch out for predators and obstacles that will slow you down or keep you from getting to your pen! Fortunately for goat herds, there is help available in your time of need!

2-6 players can join the Goat War, age 8-99, for a fun and adorable time!